Collingswood Board of Education Meeting 6/27/2017

The Full Agenda Can Be Found Here: 


Ms. Winkler for art integration across middle school curriculum

Ms. Butler for excellence in nursing

Dr. Oswald’s Superintendent Report

  • Increasing AP class enrollment for underrepresented groups
  • Encouraging teachers to find their JaQuan
  • Database warehousing to track student progress or difficulties
  • Training staff in the technology for that/professional development
  • New signage on the ms/hs campus to clear up the confusion for families attending events.
  • Using in-house workers for that to defray costs
  • Financial literacy course online for honors students–already taught, looking to expand, innovate

Ad hoc committee for community engagement (Updating The Communication Plan)

  • A brief description about the brochures available on how the board and board meetings work
  • Signs outsides all buildings about upcoming events
  • Forms to submit ideas to board members
  • Streaming meetings
  • Revising district website

Stadium Project Update

World Cafe style community conversations Ideas to start in September

Stadium/Community Needs

  • More track lanes needed More fields needed
  • More investment in field hockey needed
  • Need for separate 18-21 space
  • Support odyssey of the mind and technology
  • Admin offices are sub par, not fair for them to work there

Update To Be Coming Soon:

Ad hoc committee of selected stakeholders to meet over the summer Sept meeting, world cafe style, to hear new voices and tamp down loud voices, 200 or so people can attend.



Watch the meeting video


Kate D

President Kate Delany is the author of two books of poetry—Reading Darwin (Poets Corner Press) and Ditching (Aldrich Press). Her prose and poetry have appeared in many magazines and journals, such as Art Times, Barrelhouse, Jabberwock Review, Room and Poetry Quarterly. She holds a MA in English from Rutgers-Camden and a BA in English, as well as BA in Art History, from Chestnut Hill College. Kate has over a decade’s worth of experience teaching college English, both literature and writing to diverse student populations. A resident of Collingswood since 2007 and the parent of two Collingswood public school students, Kate is a member of Sustainable Collingswood and leads the Collingswood Chicken Uprising. She is the school liaison for the Collingswood Community Habitat Project, the parent coordinator of the Garfield Green Team and the Membership Chair of the Garfield Elementary PTA. In writing, in the classroom and via community organizing, Kate is passionate about facilitating conversations that matter and advocating for sustainability and social justice.