Collingswood July 31, 2017 Board of Ed Meeting Recap

Though the Collingswood Board of Ed does not usually convene in July, the Board held a Special Meeting on July 31, 2017 to address reductions to the previously approved school budget.

Why Was This Emergency Meeting Held?

The State of New Jersey recently passed legislation reformulating the way school funding is distributed. While the deal reached by state Democratic and Republican lawmakers does increase educational funding overall and allocates extra money for pre-K education through the state, some districts will be losing money and Collingswood is among them. The state aid reduction to the Collingswood school district for 2017-2018 is $123,376.  

Current Financial Status Of Collingswood School District

According to Dr. Oswald, in the eyes of the Department of Education, the district is about $600,000 overfunded so in following years, this reduced amount of aid may continue and its impact will continue to be felt.  The Superintendent noted that this cut in aid was anticipated and plans were made to lessen the blow for this upcoming year.  A math program that costs about $75,000 was purchased in anticipation of this cut.  The district will also not be hiring a budgeted nursing position that they had advertised and had begun interviewing for.

CLICK HERE: Budget Cut Narrative 

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Other Issues Discussed At This Meeting

Some personnel items were also addressed at this meeting. Contracts were issued to Claire Engelman, Newbie special education teacher, Julia Pugliese, Sharp first grade teacher, and Frank Bilodeau, Sharp fifth grade teacher. Resignations were accepted from Crisin Joy, Sharp first grade teacher,  Jillian Junod, Newbie special education teacher and John McPark, Garfield part time physical education teacher.

The full agenda can be found here:


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