Notes from the 10/10/2017 CEAG Meetup

The meeting took place at 6:30 at the Collingswood Library


Meeting recaps and previews–

  • Responses/takeaways from the World Cafe?
  • Responses to last BOE meeting?
  • Initial plans for items to present during public comment at next BOE meeting?  

Sustainable Jersey for Schools–

  • How do we get more info out to the public about this/mobilize vocal support?
  • What do we want to present to the board?
  • What do we want to communicate about this to Dr. Oswald, building admins?

Communication Plan-

  • Assessment: what’s been implemented? How’s it working?
  • What are we looking for from the board? From the district?
  • What is our communication plan? How are we going to continue to connect with members and welcome new ones?
  • What are we doing to make sure that our goals reflect the views of the community?

Equity/Inclusion & Special Needs

  • Non-operating budget ways we can lobby for greater multi-cultural inclusion?
  • Support staff needs: we know what the answer will be so what is our response/plan?
  • What can we do to connect families with various needs so we can get a fuller picture of the special needs in our district?

Actionable Items–

  • Fiscal sponsorship/non-profit status–next steps?
  • Website/tech goals (podcast, interviews, etc)?
  • For each of the items above (SJS, Communication, greater connectivity) where do we want to be in a month? By the start of 2018?

Key Takeaways:

The Collingswood Educational Advocacy Group will start a review process of how to best communicate ideas for change with the Board of Education, and help define a process that others in the community can then easily follow. This will include a list of contact resources and a way for members to organize individual initiatives and groups of interested parties to collectively advocate for change.

The CEAG board is hoping to be able to round out the goals for the year with feedback from the community. We should be trying to get as many people who are interested and invested in education in Collingswood to provide feedback via the anonymous survey here: 

We would like to work with schools to help make events a success with word of mouth and individual campaigns for events that closely align with the group’s goals of encouraging communication between families, advocating for equity, and working with families of students with special needs.

Encourage the Board of Education in taking -district’s steps in implementing their communication plan as outlined in June 2017 so families can stay engaged.


Action Items:

Create a how-to communicate with the board information piece

Use different types of technology to get people excited about what the group is doing (podcast, interviews, guest posts, speakers at meetings, content streaming)

Support home school children who wish to participate in extracurricular activities.  Provide member support at Board meetings, help with any research as needed, gather similar policies adopted  by other Boards, etc.

Reach out to the Green Teams at each school to see where they are for implementing Sustainable Jersey in the schools.  If schools do not have Green Teams, help organize ones.  Ask Zane to share their action plan and push for district wide adoption.  Look to share information and resources with all Green Teams to assist each other with planning and execution.

Organize book swap event in December to help circulate more books to students in district.  Review book of ESL students too.  Possibly extend to include toys.  If successful, organize another one in April 2018 as part of Read Across America.

Encourage the community to also become advocates with targeted action items and specific calls to action.

Jen R

Jen R

Jen Rossi, Vice President Jen Rossi moved to Collingswood with her spouse in 2012. She is a graduate of Georgian Court University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Fine Art. She has a certificate of eligibility with advanced standing in Elementary Education (K-5) and as a Teacher of Fine Art (K-12). After a part-time floating position and substitute teaching, Jen returned to the corporate world. Professionally Jen is a Digital Marketing Manager for a privately owned insurance brokerage, providing important information on how to reduce the risks in today's business world: ranging from slip and fall injuries to computer network hacks. Getting the information in the hands of people who need it with the help of guidebooks, webinars, instructional videos, blog posts, social media alerts, and online courses. With this background in education and knowledge of the process for communicating important information to anyone willing to hear it, Jen focuses her energy on making a big impact with small things- making life a little more convenient, helping people get informed, keeping things practical and timely, and encouraging achievable goals for success. In her free time, Jen loves upcycling, improving, and otherwise repurposing materials to the delight of family, neighbors, and Etsy customers. She looks forward to running down questions and getting helpful information into social feeds and inboxes of members of the Collingswood community.