[Operations] FaceBook Closed Group Status Update

In response to calls for transparency, we the admin/moderators of the Collingswood Educational Advocacy Group (CEAG) would like to call attention to the fact that we are a closed group. We try to connect with others whose views align with the goals we set forth annually (and solicit feedback when drafting). Our website acts as our public window where we offer communication and access to our resources. All our online resources are available with the option to comment within a week of posting. We also have a newsletter that anyone can opt in for.

The purpose of the closed group is not to act as a public forum but is meant to be a place where our members can discuss education-related issues between meetings. As a closed group, not all applications for membership will be approved. This is not a decision-making body. We are caregivers, private citizens, and neighbors who want to discuss progressive ideas on education.
Over the past two years, the group has evolved, membership has changed and we endeavor to be more solution oriented.

Thanks for your interest.

The admins and moderators of the Collingswood Educational Advocacy Group FB page

CEAG Board

CEAG Board

A progressive organization: comprised of caregivers and community members interested in discussing issues pertaining to education, students, and their families.