[Notes] From The CEAG Meeting 2/20/2018

The Collingswood Educational Advocacy Group met at Collingswood Library on 2/20/2018. Topics of discussion included the election information campaign, future events hosted by CEAG, Sustainable Jersey for Schools, equity across our schools, and petitions.

1. Election/Vote No Campaign

A.. Promotion Efforts

New flyer design was presented
Everyone to talk to neighbors about adding signs
Mailing: getting help on cost

2. March 13th support

Transportation: Need people to offer to drive others to polling places

3. Future Events

A. CPR Training

Need minimum of 10 people
Need space
Cost is $50 per
Looking at May to schedule

B.. Pop Up Library

  • ┬áKate knows someone who does this
  • ┬áNeed to go to people where they are
  • Considering Heights as pilot run
  • Want to have it benefit Collingswood community
  • Need for age-appropriate books to be made available

C. Gender 101 Workshop

  • Donna spearheading
  • Support of CHOP staff
  • Discuss gender identity to help parents and community

4. Just Kids Petition

A. Program does not want to do any training to support children with different gender identities or expression

  • Local programs are not mandated to do training
  • Need to petition them to ask that they do
  • Need to request that USDA updates their nondiscrimination statement to include protection for people regardless of gender identity or expression
  • Will post links to petitions for local and national program on website

5. Responses to Florida Shooting

A. Need more information on how our district is managing it

  • National walk-out is planned on March 14th (need to confirm) and April 20th
  • Will district not penalize kids who walk out?
  • Will district be using it as a teaching moment about civic responsibility and need of protest to change laws (see Civil Rights movement)?
  • How can parents support students?
  • Does district have active shooter drill or is it lockdown drills?(there is a difference)
  • Need to prepare all our questions this week to submit to superintendent and BOE before the next BOE Meeting

6. Sustainable New Jersey for Schools

  • How do we keep parents involved?
  • PTA’s need to take reigns of this program?
  • Grant money for schools is available
  • Would be good to organize a central group of parent volunteers for all schools and help guide schools to success
  • Need involvement by school administrators and school staff to help make it work and have staying power

7. Equity

  • How do we create greater equity of students at local elementary schools?
  • The main blocker has been parents who want neighborhood schools
  • Option to have schools be grade specific, i.e., Sharp has 1st and 2nd grade, Newbie 3rd, etc.
  • Lack of equity is hurting housing values for residents who live in lower ranked elementary schools
  • Data is just now being tracked for performance of students who move to CMS and CHS from lower ranked schools
  • BOE has book called Equity that superintendent asked them to read
  • It seems it is a hot-button issue since if you say anything about lower ranked schools, then it is seen as a personal attack on administrators and teachers.
  • A real resolution needs to be sought and require focus on this issue
  • The Board of Education members are reading and discussing Building Equity: Policies and Practices to Empower All Learners
    By Dominique Smith, Nancy Frey, Ian Pumpian, Douglas Fisher
    A Preview can be seen here: https://books.google.com/books/about/Building_Equity.html?id=fbwtDwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button#v=onepage&q&f=false


The next Board of Education Meeting will be a Special Meeting on 2/21/2018

The next regular meeting will be on 2/26/2018 at 6:30 at the Zane North All Purpose Room.

CEAG Board

CEAG Board

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