[Video Stream] Collingswood Board of Education Board Meeting 4/30/2018

Items on this meeting’s agenda included the Board’s new format The Committee of the Whole and a Regular Board of Education Meeting

  • The board members discussed the Building Equity Book
  • The Board saw a presentation from the Superintendent Dr. Oswald that was made in collaboration with the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Al Hird. The board then discussed the options for repair, demolition, and the need to revisit a Bond Referendum at a later date.
  • the SSDS- student safety data system report from Mr. Yamamoto
  • Updated Budget Presentation
  • future dates and misc
  • routine board business
  • annual appointments and approvals
  • the superintendent report
  • business admin/ board secretary report
  • buildings grounds and finance committee statement
  • curriculum committee statement
  • personnel committee statement
  • policy and miscellaneous
  • There were 2 public comment sections from residents
  • The Enrollment Report was also shared with attendees




The entire agenda from the Collingswood BOE boarddocs:



Board Meeting Highlights

Meeting of The Whole

  • The members of the board were lead in a discussion by Regan Kaiden.
  • Dr. Oswald gave examples of how attendance could be an issue of equity
  • Discussion if school rules and punishments/ consequences can be equitable and fair.

Stadium Presentation Highlights

  • Option 1- $250,000 reinforcement of the grandstands
  • Option 2- 1.4 million- repairs
  • Option 3- another Bond referendum
    •  price and plan would  be TBD
  • Option 4– This plan’s project is estimated at $517,000 + soft costs. Ongoing cost is $13,000/yr
    • There will probably be additional costs due to hazards from older construction standards and environmental hazards. Possible costs and hazards associated with finding asbestos or lead paint. The reserved amount is $750,000 to address those possibilities.
    • Seating would be for 500 spectators.
    • Seating plan will be TBD for graduation. (Answered in Public Comment)
    • BOE plan for the stadiumNow—prepare bid documents and install temporary fencing to keep people out
      May—approve out to bid
      June—award bid
      Late July-October—demolish and remove grandstands/utilities
      Install smaller bleachers ($100,000), secure portable bathrooms ($7,000 per year), storage lockers ($6,000 per year), concrete path to be ADA compliant ($10,000, optional)

Budget Presentation Highlights

Repair to Garfield windows and window lintels may be delayed due to the expense of the stadium repairs.


Public Comment Highlights:

  • On district website there is a “contact us” section that is a preferred method of asking questions.
  • There are concerned members of CEAG about the quality of Breakfast at the Bell- another request for the district to adopt “Share Tables” in all if the schools are encouraged.

    An example of a share table- unwanted food is set aside in a designated area for anyone to take.
  • Asking for more information about why Homeschooled Students are not allowed to access extracurricular activities
  • (In Reference to training at the 4/23/18 meeting of the committee of the whole) Why would 1st amendment rights be sacrificed when BOE members take office? Rulings state that disclaimers are needed, but not all free speech needs to be relinquished.
  • The Structural Report of the stadium that was from 2014 has different costs- the board will address this question once the public commenter reaches out to the board via the contact form on the district website.
  • Reduced seating in the plan that seems like the district’s best option (currently 4,000 seats- to be reduced to 500) will impact the marching band annual competition that is usually hosted at Collingswood.


Jen R

Jen R

Jen Rossi, Vice President Jen Rossi moved to Collingswood with her spouse in 2012. She is a graduate of Georgian Court University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Fine Art. She has a certificate of eligibility with advanced standing in Elementary Education (K-5) and as a Teacher of Fine Art (K-12). After a part-time floating position and substitute teaching, Jen returned to the corporate world. Professionally Jen is a Digital Marketing Manager for a privately owned insurance brokerage, providing important information on how to reduce the risks in today's business world: ranging from slip and fall injuries to computer network hacks. Getting the information in the hands of people who need it with the help of guidebooks, webinars, instructional videos, blog posts, social media alerts, and online courses. With this background in education and knowledge of the process for communicating important information to anyone willing to hear it, Jen focuses her energy on making a big impact with small things- making life a little more convenient, helping people get informed, keeping things practical and timely, and encouraging achievable goals for success. In her free time, Jen loves upcycling, improving, and otherwise repurposing materials to the delight of family, neighbors, and Etsy customers. She looks forward to running down questions and getting helpful information into social feeds and inboxes of members of the Collingswood community.