[Meeting] CEAG August 2018 Meeting

CEAG Meeting Notes August 21, 2018

Advocacy Items

  • Marker recycling. Markers collected (of any brand) can be sent to Crayola who will send a flat rate shipping label to have recycled materials mailed. CEAG will contact PTAS, building admins, teacher or art teachers and offer to retrieve and mail off any collected markers. Newbie Green Team is already doing this so may have guidance to offer.
  • Share Tables. District is possibly awaiting state DEP recommendations for best practices in order to move forward with this topic so CEAG can pursue those guidelines as well as proposing tactics used by other districts (local and in other states) to reduce food waste and donate surplus food to students in need or food banks.
  • Digital Literacy and Safety. CEAG will coordinate a multi-step approach towards more comprehensive digital literacy and safety for caregivers, offering in this order:  1. information on the district’s current practices; 2. information about resources available via Common Sense 3. a caregiver friendly, tech gap mindful video on how to block sites on Chromebooks; 4. an ongoing poll on CEAG Facebook page and CEAG website on sites that caregivers are currently blocking (and why)
  • Career Day. Rhodes will compile the resources used for two previous Sharp Elementary Career Days in order to create a “How To” guide to give to the district so each school can host a successful career day with diverse representation. In 2018, Sharp Career Day featured 16 presenters over a two and a half hour event.



  • Pop up Library. Potentially we could offer this event quarterly if Parkview has space for us. Kate will contact Samantha, Leasing Officer, to work out arrangements.
  • BOE Candidate Forum. Date and location need to be set. Potentially Scottish Rite or Library Meeting Room on Tuesday October 9th or Tuesday October 16th (need enough time for vote by mail). Not October 11th (Eagles game). Kate to moderate; Rhodes to serve as time keeper;  Jen to record/live stream and take live questions. Publicity will be needed and availability confirmed with candidates.
  • Digital Literacy and Safety for Caregivers. CEAG will hold an event comprised of workshops and expert presentations potentially in late October, early November. Rhodes will reach out to Common Sense; Jen will reach out to colleagues with expertise in this field to offer.
  • CPR Training. CEAG will offer this event again in the spring and on an annual basis in order to encourage greater participation and keep participants’ certification up to date.

Outreach Strategies

  • Press Release and Press Contact List. CEAG will compile a press contact list and a boilerplate press release that we can send out for events as they are planned/occur
  • CEAG Story Corps.  CEAG will reach out to alums (especially those present at the last BOE meeting who expressed interest in continued communication about the schools) to interview about history of the district, their memories and experiences. A potential resource for us is storyarts.org
  • Website Data. Writers are needed on all educational advocacy related topics
  • Non Profit Status. Bill has drafted Articles of Incorporation and gotten an EIN. The official CEAG address is P.O. Box 181, Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108. Banking account needs to be acquired for CEAG. CEAG hopes to be an official 501 c3 by the end of September 2018.


The Collingswood Educational Advocacy Group usually hosts their public meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Collingswood Public Library. Please see the Library’s Event Calendar to confirm: https://collingswoodlib.org/eventcalendar


Kate D

President Kate Delany is the author of two books of poetry—Reading Darwin (Poets Corner Press) and Ditching (Aldrich Press). Her prose and poetry have appeared in many magazines and journals, such as Art Times, Barrelhouse, Jabberwock Review, Room and Poetry Quarterly. She holds a MA in English from Rutgers-Camden and a BA in English, as well as BA in Art History, from Chestnut Hill College. Kate has over a decade’s worth of experience teaching college English, both literature and writing to diverse student populations. A resident of Collingswood since 2007 and the parent of two Collingswood public school students, Kate is a member of Sustainable Collingswood and leads the Collingswood Chicken Uprising. She is the school liaison for the Collingswood Community Habitat Project, the parent coordinator of the Garfield Green Team and the Membership Chair of the Garfield Elementary PTA. In writing, in the classroom and via community organizing, Kate is passionate about facilitating conversations that matter and advocating for sustainability and social justice.