[Video Stream] Collingswood Board of Education Board Meeting 8/27/2018

Items on this meeting’s agenda included a discussion of the Collingswood School District’s policy regarding inclusion of homeschool and private schooled students in high school interscholastic athletics and clubs, the expansion of the district’s preschool program, the board’s goals for the new school year, important dates, the additional cost of asbestos remediation for the demolition of the grandstands, the policy for use of physical restraint and seclusion on students with disabilities, lead testing statement, and an arrangement with the Lady of Lourdes School for nursing students to work in the schools.


The entire agenda from the Collingswood BOE boarddocs:



Meeting of The Whole Highlights

Discussion of the Policy #2431 regarding Athletic Competition 

The board decided to allow students that are aged to be in middle school grades (grades 6-8) to be allowed to participate in athletics on a trial basis. The pilot program will last one year to see where the policy may need to be edited. The first discussion would be at the annual retreat (in January) and again in May for the end of the one-year trial. This was the second reading for this revised policy and the Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of the change.

Co-curriculars, clubs, and other extracurriculars were not included in this discussion. The Board of Education decided that this topic would be on the agenda for the September 2018 meeting with the first reading of a revised policy.

Board Meeting Highlights

The Board of Education’s Goals for the 2018-2019 school year

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, elementary administrators and teachers will work toward the
development of standards-based report cards for all elementary schools. As a multi-year goal, this year’s
progress will consist of developing philosophy, identifying target standards/language, and building
teacher buy-in. (Note: Year 2 will focus on building parent support, gathering feedback, revision, and
planning for implementation in year 3.)
By the close of the 2018-2019 school year, all Collingswood grade 3-11 math and English language arts
teachers will learn to assess students’ strengths and needs using the data warehousing feature of the
Illuminate DnA student assessment system by developing and administering a minimum of three
benchmark assessments.
Finance, Buildings, and Grounds:
By the close of the 2018-2019 school year, the facilities department will design, build, and install
outdoor signs for each of the four elementary schools that do not have signs to identify the building
(modeled after Garfield sign, which is complete).

Equity Committee

With the start of the school year, we should be hearing more about the committee with will meet just about every month. Sign up on the district’s website if you are interested in learning more and participating: https://www.collingswood.k12.nj.us/apps/forms2/index.jsp?f=11232

Upcoming Important Dates

Wed, Aug 29 New Staff Orientation
Wed, Aug 29 HS New Student/Parent Orientation – 4pm-6pm – HS Cafeteria
Thu, Aug 30 MS New Student/Parent Transition Camp – 5:45pm
Thu, Aug 30 New Staff Orientation
Mon, Sep 3 School Closed – Labor Day
Tue, Sep 4 School Closed – Staff PLD
Tue, Sep 4 Sharp Preschool Orientation – 1:30pm
Wed, Sep 5 School Closed – Staff PLD
Thu, Sep 6 First Day for Students – Single Session – Staff PLD
Thu, Sep 6 Elementary Kindergarten Orientation – 8:45am – at indvidual schools
Fri, Sep 7 Single Session – Staff PLD
Wed, Sep 12 Garfield Back to School Night – 6:30pm
Thu, Sep 13 Tatem Back to School Night – 6:30pm
Mon, Sep 17 College Bound Seniors Parent Meeting – 7:00pm-9:00pm – Library Media Center
Mon, Sep 17 Sharp Back to School Night – 6:30pm
Tue, Sep 18 HS Senior Trip Parent Info Meeting – 6:00pm – MS Auditorium
Wed, Sep 19 School Closed – Yom Kippur
Thu, Sep 20 Newbie Back to School Night – 6:30pm
Sat, Sep 22 Band Bash – at Washington Twp High School
Mon, Sep 24 BOE Meeting – 7:00pm – Zane North All Purpose Room
Tue, Sep 25 Zane North Back to School Night – 6:30pm
Wed, Sep 26 MS Back to School Night – 6:30pm
Thu, Sep 27 HS Back to School Night – 6:30pm

The Superintendent’s Enrollment Report



Superintendent’s School Safety Report

Superintendent’s School Bullying Report

Policy Alert Which Includes

This was the first time in Collingswood Board of Education history had a procedure was abolished with a replacement for the policy included in the same vote.

P & R 1613 Disclosure and Review of Applicant’s Employment History (M) (New)
P 5512 Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) (M) (Revised)
R 5512 Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying Investigation Procedure (M)
P & R 5561 Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion Techniques for Students with
Disabilities (M) (Revised)
P 8561 Procurement Procedures for School Nutrition Programs (M) (Revised)

Buildings, Grounds & Finance Committee Report

The Board of Education announced the hiring of a part-time nurse for Thomas Sharp Elementary School

The board also shared some details about the benefits of the additional aid that will be applied to expanding the district’s current preschool program.

 Two Brothers Contracting – Change Order #1

Annual Lead Testing Statement of Assurance

Our Lady of Lourdes Nursing Agreement

Public Comment Highlights

  • A member of the community spoke about the difficulties of adopting the policy for inclusion for extracurriculars for students are are not enrolled in Collingswood Public Schools. (ie: band practice during the day)
  • A parent representing families that homeschool children in town shared a document with the board that was a survey of the age of children interested in participating in extracurriculars and which activity(ies)
  • Other members of the community expressed their approval of the board’s adoption of a one-year pilot program.
  • Another resident voiced disapproval for the policy to allow for seclusion and restraint of students.

Please do not forget to attend or watch the next Collingswood Board of Education meeting on September 24, 2018 at 6:30 pm at Zane North School.

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Jen R

Jen R

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