[Action Item] Current Advocacy Issues From The NJASL To Support School Libraries

From The NJASL

Read more about which library legislation that impacts school library media specialists in New Jersey including federal and state legislation.    

A1995 / S2394– Requires School Library Media Specialists

Summary:  Would require a certain ratio of school library media specialists

Assembly Sponsors: Shavonda Sumter, Benjie Wimberly (LD 35), Daniel Bensen (LD 14)

Assembly Co-Sponsors: Ralph Caputo (LD28), Thomas Giblin (LD34), John McKeon (LD27)

Introduced Assembly : January 9, 2018   Referred to Assembly Education Committee

Senator Sponsor : James Beach (LD6), Linda Greenstein (LD14)

Introduced Senate : April 5, 2018 Referred to the Senate Education Committee

View the Flyer with Supporting Details of the Legislative Bill


A132 / S2933   Information Literacy Bill

Summary: Require instruction on information literacy in curriculum in grades K -12.

Assembly Sponsors: Wayne DeAngelo (D14), Daniel Bensen (D14), Mila Jasey (D27)

Introduced January 9, 2018   Referred to Assembly Education Committee

Senate Sponsor: Linda Greenstein (LD14)

Introduced: September 17, 2018 . Referred to Senate Education Committee

View the Flyer of A132 with Supporting Details of the Legislative Bill

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Both of these bills would provide support for NJASL’s vision statement: “That every student in every school in New Jersey is served by a certified full-time School Library Media Specialist”.

The Goal of NJASL is to gain as many sponsors as possible for these two bills.

For more information on the bills as well as ways that school library media specialists can support these bills, click on the link,

NJASL 2018 Library Legislation

How a Bill Becomes a Law – NJ Legislative Process

Please take a few minutes to review the sponsors of these bills.  If your legislator is listed as a sponsor, please thank them for their sponsorship.  If your legislator is not listed as a sponsor, please call or email their office to ask them to sponsor the bill.   Click on this link to find your legislator.


Current Advocacy Items Here



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