[Opinion] 1 Common Goal: Student Learning The Data on How Access To Libraries Helps Get NJ Students There

A team of researchers from the Center for International Scholarship in
School Libraries (CISSL) at Rutgers University undertook an intensive
two-phasee study of the place of school libraries in the New Jersey
educational program. The lead researcher in the study, Dr. Ross
Todd, reported “the findings show that New Jersey school libraries
and school librarians contribute in rich and diverse ways to the
intellectual life of a school, and to the development of students who
can function in a complex and increasingly digital information

NJASL Fact Sheet: The Value Of Libraries

The CISSL Study

School libraries support standards-based teaching and school curricula, but they go beyond minimal
performance that defines achievement of basic skills measured by standardized tests scores to
scaffold learning to attain more complex critical thinking that results in student creativity and
innovation. While schools need to meet basic requirements for student achievement, this is a
means to an end, and as such is no longer sufficient for preparing students for living and working
in an Information Age that presents an increasingly complex information infrastructure. Through
the services of school libraries schools can meet the challenge of producing a multi-literate
population of young people who can be the traditions of scholarship and academic
accomplishments that define our culture as a nation.


Call To Action

As legislators and school boards across New Jersey and the country consider new measures to implement
the new Common Core Standards, NJASL is working to ensure that all schools have strong library programs.
The New Jersey Study provides strong proof that effective school library programs positively impact student
learning and strengthen the educational climate of the schools. To this end NJASL is advocating for
regulation and dedicated funding to require all schools to have credentialed School Library Media Specialists
who possess the core competencies needed to deliver effective school library media programs. Our students
futures depend on it.



The New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL) is the professional organization for school librarians
in the state of New Jersey. NJASL advocates high standards for librarianship and library media programs in
the public, private, and parochial schools in New Jersey to ensure that students and staff become effective
users of information. Learn more about NJASL by visiting www.njasl.org


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