[Notes] CEAG Meeting 9/19/2019

Highlights included details about the group’s work on Library Advocacy, Technology Practices in the district, #CollingswoodStrong ballot question November 2019, and School Lunches.

Tuesday, Sept 19, 2019 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Collingswood Public Library

Announced on CEAG Public Facebook page, Group, and other local interest Facebook Groups.

Agenda Items

CEAG Initiatives 

    1. Library Advocacy
      1. Need for explainer on what we have and what we do not.
        1. New position of media specialist details needed.
          1. How are they dividing their time amongst Oaklyn and C’wood?
          2. How much time is for library, PE, Art, Music?
        2. Space issues and libraries cut across elementary schools
          1. Zane library has been moved
        3. Visuals to be developed – what would life be like without a library
        4. Repurpose explainer into an op-ed for Retrospect that would help disseminate deficiencies.  Deadline is Tuesdays before noon and word count is typically 500.
    2. District policy on tech and devices needs review due to recent lawsuit
        1. Greg has parent guidance for monitoring child internet practices.
          1. Google has program called Be Internet Awesome
            1. Greg got grant for $1K from Google
            2. Greg has offered to train the trainers on program for advocacy at other elementary schools
          2. NJPTA Governance Session on Oct. 19th in Hamilton NJ
        2. Get in touch with Kyle Chang to see what questions we should be asking District.
          1. Ask district to provide protocols for parents on reporting concerns of child’s use or websites to blacklist.
        3. BOE Policy for Internet Use to comply with Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act
          1. BOE Policy found here
            1. Mentions “it will The Board will provide reasonable public notice and will hold one annual public hearing during a regular monthly Board meeting or during a designated special Board meeting to address and receive public community input on the Internet safety policy’
            2. Do not recall any BOE meetings about safety
            3. Perhaps have parent group work with BOE to address safety concerns: social media use, sources that could potential radicalize students, online bullying, recognizing predatory behavior, good sources versus “fake news”, new sites to blacklist, etc.
        4. Technology department contact information: https://www.collingswood.k12.nj.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=181434&type=d
        5. Digital Resource guide for staff: https://sites.google.com/collsk12.org/digitalresourceguide/home?authuser=0
    3. Collingswood Strong November 5th Ballot Question
      1. The BOE is seeking a $225,000 additional annual tax hike to hire a coordinator for Social and Emotional Learning and mental health support.  
        1. Initiative is called Collingswood Strong
        2. Ballot question will be added for Nov. 5th election
        3. August 9th, New Jersey governor signed legislation to have districts support mental health learning from K-12.
          1. “The new law will require the state Board of Education to review and update the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education to ensure that mental health education is incorporated in an “age-appropriate way.” It will include information on substance abuse.”
          2. https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/PL19/222_.PDF
          3. https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/bills/BillView.asp?Session=LIS2018&BillNumber=S2861
          4. https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/S3000/2861_I1.HTM
        4. BOE to present to CEAG meeting on October 15th
          1. CEAG to live stream it
            1. Questions for BOE at October 15th CEAG meeting includes
            2. Is the Collingswood Strong initiative fulfilling the state law or will the state be providing additional resources for this new curriculum?
            3. Who will be supervising the interns?
            4. Who will be doing evaluations from Child Study Team?
            5. Will there be any coordination with NJ Health and Human Services?
    4. School Lunches
      1. Nutritional information is provided on website
      2. Nutriserve is vendor.  Has there ever been competitive bidding?
      3. Does vendor provide different menus to other schools?

PDF Version of Notes Available Here: Sept 19 2019 CEAG Meeting


This item is post-dated, first shared on collingswoodeducation.org on 10/16/2019 after approval of notes at 10/15/2019 public meeting.

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CEAG Board

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