[Live Stream] Collingswood Board of Education Meeting 9/30/2019

Meeting highlights included more information on the Ballot Question, Student Members of the BOE were sworn in, A staff member was dismissed even after many supporters spoke positively to their character in public comment, STOPit, an anonymous tip application for the middle school and high school students was presented, and members of the community spoke to the benefit of school libraries and librarians.

The Agenda may be found here: http://go.boarddocs.com/nj/colps/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=BGJFR740245A


Committee of the Whole

Ms. Kaiden is explaining the different levels of support that are needed
The district that has answered questions that have been collected from the community thus far:
  • Ms. Henry says that the board will be more careful when scheduling meetings so that the meetings do not fall during Rosh Hashana
  • President Henry is talking about the district’s Communications Plan. The 5-member committee will be working to improve outreach to stakeholders
  • The Equity Committee will continue to meet in the 2019-2020 school year.
  • There is also a committee for facilities including classroom space
  • There should be a mitigation plan for school safety coming from the board soon.
    Ms. Miller provided documents to start this planning
  • Student members of the BOE are representatives from Collingswood, Oaklyn, and Woodlynne.


Annual State Testing Report

  • The data shows how Collingswood performed, compared to the State of NJ Average. https://go.boarddocs.com/nj/colps/Board.nsf/files/BGJFR4402455/$file/Collingswood%202019%20District%20Test%20Report.pdf
  • there is marked struggle in the higher grade levels in Language and Math
  • 2019 Started the NJ State Learning Assessment rather than PARCC
  • The data includes comparisons between Special Education students and General Population, Economically Disadvantage and Non Economically Disadvantage.
  • Mr. Yamamoto theorized that with the preschool program we should see a change in Economically Disadvantaged students comparison
  • The new math pilot program “Magic Math” is also anticipated to help those metrics
  • CommonLit is being used in grades 3-12
  • The district is implementing Trauma Informed Care training, restorative practices, and Equity Committee work
  • Mr. Waugh asked for clarification on the 8th grade-algebra impact


There was an anonymous tip line that was previously available. It was not used extensively. WeTip program has been acquired by StopIt. The HiB requirements include having an anonymous reporting method.
The program will be at the Middle School and High School
The STOPit access codes will be available after 10/14/19
There are 4 points of contact after a report at the campus, the process is still being worked on.


Public Comment Highlights

RICE Notice – Dismissal of Preschool Staff Member

  • The attorney for the staff member started by asking that she be allowed to be heard before the BOE makes a decision about this staff member’s employment status.
    Many public comments were made during the meeting in support of the staff member including a teacher from the middle school, many family members, caregivers of previous students, an educational coach, previous co-workers, and members of the community. This staff member was dismissed with one Nay vote. Mr. Morgan was present for the District’s legal interests.
  • A member of the community asked how many are anticipated to be in the preschool program. They also asked if the STOPit app collects poersonally identifiable information. They also believe that a report should be available to the BoE.
  • A member of the community is pressing for answers as a caregiver of a student in relation to the incident on Friday 9/27/19 at the high school. Hoping that the board works with the Prosecutor’s office.
    They also asked for how to reach the need to blacklist websites on the student 1:1 laptops.
    Also to speak to the benefit of Elementary Libraries.
  • A member of the community thanked the BOE for the ballot initiative and hope that the services are advertised to the caregivers and public at large to see the value
  • A member of the community is asked how the public may be informed of an emergency situation.

Policy First Readings

No First Readings

Policy Second Readings

No Second Readings
These notes are post-dated. This page first appeared on Collingswoodeducation.org on 10/30/2019
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Jen R

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