[Live Stream] Collingswood Community Meeting About Return-To-School 7/14/20

Dr. Oswald answered questions from the Collingswood and Oaklyn Communities. A list of the questions may be seen after the recording of the live event.

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Questions Asked Ahead Of This Program, And Answered First Included:

  • At the Board of Education meeting, Dr. Oswald mentioned he would work with parents whose children were unable to return to in-person school due to family member’s health, their own health, and/or their comfort level. Would he expound on that statement…does it mean parents will have to officially homeschool their kids or how would that work? 
  • There may be families who have a greater need for full-day school than others – is the district considering any way to prioritize more in-class time for the children of families who will experience major income loss if their children are not in school full time?·     
  • Is an all-virtual option being offered to families who do not want or need their child to be in the physical school building?·   
  • When will a final decision on what school will look like in the fall be made?·    
  • Will the mode in the fall be the mode for the spring, or will a reevaluation take place for a possible change after winter break?
  • What considerations are being made for teachers and their health and childcare concerns (and their cognitive load in having to develop in person and virtual experiences)
  • Is the District considering outdoor learning/classrooms? I was wondering about the idea of renting tents and having class in the playgrounds and/or blacktops as weather permits. 
  • Is there a single source of information for kids moving to 6th grade this year? Will there be an Open House session?
  • What would the criteria be for the district to close a school (apart from a total state shut down)?
  • When do parents have to make a decision about students doing all remote instruction?
  • With this 100% remote option, would that be taught by the current staff or would that be “outsourced”. The reason I ask is that I heard on the news the other day about a district in Pennsylvania that would outsource the 100% remote learning option to a 3rd party and I was curious if that was the same plan for us. And would a student that opted into the 100% remote learning be able to transition into the classroom should things improve and the parents feel comfortable doing so? And visa versa?
  • Another question I had was regarding the process the school would take if a student or teacher were to test positive for COVID19. Would the rest of the school be informed that a positive case was present in the school? If that does happen, and a family then decides to keep their child home for a 2-week quarantine, would they then be able to transition to the 100% remote learning option? And how would that affect their attendance?
  • And last but not least, how do our teachers feel about the current plan? Do they feel that their safety concerns are being taken care of? Do they feel like the current plan is doable? 

Questions from the Live Session Included:

  • When should caregivers be hearing from the Child Study Team regarding 504 plans and IEPS?
  • Will paper-based instructional resources be available to learners instead of digital? (Especially for younger learners grades 2 and younger)
  • Will There be Extracurricular Activities?
  • Will The Learning Management System still be Google Classroom and more content available from Genesis Parent Portal?
  • Will there be a recruitment effort to hire more staff for support and substitute teachers?
  • Is there help for grownups to be learning coaches for students? Members of the community have said that supervising younger learners during remote learning in the spring was a challenge.
  • How will assessment of learning be different?
  • Will substitute teachers be assigned to a specific school?
  • How will live sessions work for remote learners?
  • When will a more laid-out version of the plan be made available to caregivers?
  • Will there be an opportunity for our older high school students to engage with our younger learners for something like a reading buddy/ study buddy program?
  • What will happen with School pictures and class trips?
  • How will caregivers be notified about exposure to COVID-19 at school?

Families with specific questions are asked to reach out to Dr. Oswald via the district website or via his email address.

Jen R

Jen R

Jen Rossi, Vice President Jen Rossi moved to Collingswood with her spouse in 2012. She is a graduate of Georgian Court University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Fine Art. She has a certificate of eligibility with advanced standing in Elementary Education (K-5) and as a Teacher of Fine Art (K-12). After a part-time floating position and substitute teaching, Jen returned to the corporate world. Professionally Jen is a Digital Marketing Manager for a privately owned insurance brokerage, providing important information on how to reduce the risks in today's business world: ranging from slip and fall injuries to computer network hacks. Getting the information in the hands of people who need it with the help of guidebooks, webinars, instructional videos, blog posts, social media alerts, and online courses. With this background in education and knowledge of the process for communicating important information to anyone willing to hear it, Jen focuses her energy on making a big impact with small things- making life a little more convenient, helping people get informed, keeping things practical and timely, and encouraging achievable goals for success. In her free time, Jen loves upcycling, improving, and otherwise repurposing materials to the delight of family, neighbors, and Etsy customers. She looks forward to running down questions and getting helpful information into social feeds and inboxes of members of the Collingswood community.