CEAG Annual Survey

Welcome to the CEAG Annual Survey

There are 12 questions total. The survey should take 5-20 minutes to complete, depending on the details that you provide. There are only a few required questions so feel free to leave fields blank if you do not wish to share any details. The results will be published on this website in an aggregated way. We do not share your specific information with others and any contact information provided is only used to share the resulting report with you.

This survey will close on February 1, 2019.


How well did the CEAG Advocate for better Communication from the School District?


How well did the CEAG Advocate for Sustainability in our schools?


How well did the CEAG Advocate for Equity?


How well did the CEAG Advocate for Students With Special Needs?


How may we improve?


How do you currently interact with the CEAG?


How do you prefer to engage with the CEAG? (ie: meetings, events, online)


What is the best service that the CEAG provides to the community?

Please provide any information that will help us with serving the community:

What is the primary language spoken in your home?


Housing: Do you Own/ Rent/ Other?


Are there any children from your home that attend(ed) Collingswood Public Schools?


If you would like to see the results from this year's survey, please share your email address below or you can wait for our published results at a later time.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

CEAG Board

CEAG Board

A progressive organization: comprised of caregivers and community members interested in discussing issues pertaining to education, students, and their families.